Pranay Seshadri, PhD.
Engineer & Scientist

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Research Fellow in Statistics,
Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London.

Group Leader in Data-Centric Aeronautics,
The Alan Turing Institute.

Research interests = propulsion ⋂ machine learning

❶ Bayesian aerothermal assessments of internal flows.
❷ Computational aerothermal photography.
❸ Temperature & pressure sensor design, development, and calibration.
❹ Advanced fan and compressor design and manufacturing.

Research funding

Rolls-Royce, Innovate UK, EPSRC, Lloyd's Register Foundation.

News & Events

• Presented our work on Bayesian aerothermal assessments and Blade envelopes in the 12th Dresden Probabilistic Workshop.
• Gave a talk on data-driven intelligence towards multi-disciplinary optimisation (MDO) in the European MDO conference in Paris.

Latest Publications

Spatial anomaly detection with optimal transport
Seshadri, Duncan, Thorne, Vazquez
[submitted] 2022

Prior-informed uncertainty modelling with Bayesian polynomial approximations
Wong, Seshadri, Duncan, Scillitoe, Parks
[submitted] 2022

Density estimation through machine learning
Ubald, Seshadri, Duncan
[submitted] 2022

Bayesian assessments of aeroengine performance with transfer learning
Seshadri, Duncan, Thorne, Parks, Vazquez, Girolami
[submitted] 2021

Bayesian mass averaging in rigs and engines
Seshadri, Duncan, Thorne
ASME Journal of Turbomachinery 2022

Blade envelopes part i: concept and methodology
Wong, Seshadri, Scillitoe, Duncan, Parks
ASME Journal of Turbomachinery 2022

Blade envelopes part ii: multiple objectives and inverse design
Wong, Seshadri, Scillitoe, Ubald, Duncan, Parks
ASME Journal of Turbomachinery 2022

Programming with equadratures: uncertainty quantification, dimension redction and much more
Seshadri, Wong, Scillitoe, Ubald, Hill, Virdis, Ghisu, Duncan
AIAA SciTech 2022


• Will have more folks joining in 2023!


• Bryn Noel Ubald // Post-doctoral research associate.
• Chun Yui Wong // PhD student (co-advised with Geoff Parks) → Mathworks.
• Ashley Scillitoe // Post-doctoral research associate → Seldon.
• Jonathan Mak // Post-doctoral research associate → VI.
• Slawomir Konrad Tadeja // PhD student (co-advised with Per Ola Kristensson) → University of Cambridge.
• James Gross // PhD student (co-advised with Geoff Parks) → Mathworks.
• Irene Virdis // Masters student (co-advised with Tiziano Ghisu)→ Expleo Group.
• He Zhou // Undergraduate student (co-advised with Geoff Parks).
• Henry Shaowu Yuchi // Undergraduate student (co-advised with Geoff Parks) → Georgia Tech.

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• PhD in Computational Engineering, University of Cambridge.
• MS in Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland.
• BS in Aerospace Engineering, University of Maryland.


p.seshadri [at]
pseshadri [at]