Pranay Seshadri


About me.

I live in London and work at the University of Cambridge and The Alan Turing Institute. I studied computational engineering at Cambridge and aerospace engineering previously at Maryland. During my doctorate I worked at Rolls-Royce plc in Derby and spent time at Stanford.
My research focuses on uncertainty quantification, optimisation and machine learning applied to address challenges in aeroengines. I am the founder of Effective Quadratures.

My current research projects are: For all my publications, please check out Google Scholar and Researchgate. For open-source codes, visit my Github profile. If you are really interested in my research, check out this high-level research talk. For my CV, click here.

Current PhD students.

Nicholas Wong: Embedded ridge approximations for improved computational aerodynamic inference.
James Gross: Techniques in polynomial subspace projections for design optimisation.


IN2-17 Inglis Building,
Department of Engineering,
University of Cambridge.
p.seshadri @